Boston Terrier Zwinger "Vom Hoffnungstal"
Boston Terrier Zwinger "Vom Hoffnungstal"

You are kindly invited to visit my virtual Boston Terrier Kennel. Me and my dogs are living in rural structure of the Niederrhein area near Wesel. I lead a close to nature lifestyle with bee-keeping and some eco-farming. Dogs are living in pack close to family. Puppies were born and kept in a loving home environment together with their mom or parents and other pets (non-smoker house). I have puppies occasionally to qualified homes.

If you have any questions regarding my dogs and puppies don't hesitate to contact me the way you prefer.

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Boston Terrier Zwinger vom Hoffnungstal

Helmut Emde

Thomas-Oskar Stockey
Klosterweg 31
46514 Schermbeck-Marienthal

Telefon: +49 2856 4590050

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